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Despite the differences depending on the vary model and the structure, on each motorcycle generally equipped with 20-30 bearings. These important part of the rotation bearing for the engine, transmission, wheels and other driving support, responsible for reducing friction, promote the effective power of the engine is transmitted to the role of the wheel.

Thus, the motorcycle bearing the desired performance is, that for smooth rotation of the low friction and low vibration, and must also ensure durability. These properties, closely related to our lives and affecting fuel consumption and safety. LYC always pay attention to these details, for people to improve the quality of life and protect the global environment, efforts related to the development and the best design work.

  • Applications

    LYC bearings are widely used to support an important part of the rotation driving motorcycle engine, transmission, wheels and so on.


LYC has a strong technical team, has been to reduce friction and vibration, size and weight, long lifetime as an important research and development topics. Complete testing machine can simulate real lifetime scenarios status, seal and other aspects.

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